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An investment in the health of millions of children.


Our goal is to provide the healthiest possible childhoods for our patients in the provincial capitals of China, whose parents have the means but not the access to quality care. Through our extensive network of medical contacts, and in-market research, we have identified deficiencies in healthcare for these children. With the development of quality private, outpatient pediatric care centers, all their primary health needs can be properly met.

We are seeking funding to develop and launch these Pediatric Care Centers in three phases:



Combine the highest standards of American and Chinese medical care and open the first “go-to” private pediatric center in Wuhan, China.



Open two additional centers to expand the offering to other select areas of Wuhan.



Replicate the success in Wuhan to other Provincial Capital Cities and metropoles, such as Guiyang. Chengdu, and Tianjin.

Why Provincial Capital Cities?

With the national government having maintained a focus on the major hubs of Beijing, Shanghai, and the Eastern Region over the past thirty years, the healthcare in the provinces has fallen behind. In provincial cities with populations of over five million people, there is a serious shortage of pediatric care professionals due to the high work pressure, low income, long working hours, and risks faced by pediatric doctors and nurses working for government facilities. 

Our private-practice pediatric care centers aim to alleviate this imbalance for both medical professionals and patients. Our onsite doctors and nurses will receive supplemental training and advanced telehealth support from children’s hospitals in the U.S. They will be paid competent salaries and work in clean, efficient “Western-style” environments. Patients will receive the highest-quality healthcare (including overnight urgent care services), medicines and vaccines. 

To learn more about our development plan and investment opportunity, please contact us.



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